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5 Ways with Robust Wholegrain Mustard

1 Scrambled Eggs:

Simply stir into scrambled eggs near the end of cooking for added interest and depth of flavour.

2 Potted Cheese with Bacon & Shallots:


125g butter

6 rashers of smoked back bacon

1 shallot, finely chopped

125g Cheddar/leftover cheese

1tsp thyme

1 tsp Robust Wholegrain Mustard


Put the butter in the saucepan and melt. When it starts foaming, skim off the foam until you can see how it has separated into two layers. Strain off the clear, clarified layer and set aside. Discard the layer left in the pan.

Using one tablespoon of the clarified butter, fry the bacon in it until crispy and brown. Remove the bacon and set aside. Add the shallot and fry on medium until soft and caramelised. Remove pan from heat. Finely chop the bacon. Put all but 2 tbsp bacon and 1tsp of shallot in a food processor and whizz to a paste. Add the cheese, thyme and mustard along with 50ml of the clarified butter and keep whizzing until you have a fairly smooth paste. When it’s smooth, stir in the reserved bacon and shallot.

Transfer to a bowl or Le parfait clip jar. Cover with the last of the butter. Serve on crackers!

3 Robust Wholegrain Mustard Croutons:


French stick

Robust Wholegrain Mustard


Cut the French stick into ½ inch slices and grill lightly on one side. Spread generously with Robust Wholegrain Mustard and return to the grill for 2 – 5 mins or until the croutons are crisp. Serve on top of your favourite soup – we particularly like french onion!

4 Glazed Chicken Drumsticks:


3tbsp Robust Wholegrain Mustard

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp honey

4 chicken thighs

Salt and pepper


Mix the mustard, olive oil and honey together with a little salt and black pepper and brush over the chicken. Bake in the oven for 45 mins at 200°C or until the chicken is cooked through.

5 Mini “Skins and Dogs”:


Bag new potatoes

Oil and butter for basting

Salt & Pepper for seasoning

1 pack cocktail sausages

2 tbsp Robust Wholegrain Mustard


Heat the oven to 190°C/170°F/gas 5

Prick the potatoes with a fork, rub with the oil and season with salt and pepper. Arrange on a baking sheet and bake for 1hr.

When they’re cooked and cooled enough to handle, cut a cross in the top, scoop out most of the inside – leaving a thin layer of potato on the inside – brush inside and out with a combination of butter and oil, sprinkle the skins with salt and pepper, place on a baking tray skin side down and bake until they are crisp and the edges are golden brown – about 5 mins.

Whilst they’re crisping up nicely, cook your sausages under the grill. And whilst that’s going on, take half the scooped out potato and mix in the Robust Wholegrain Mustard. When the skins are done, load them up with the mustard potato mix and top with sliced sausage. Enjoy with a glass of your favourite cooling brew!

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